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As we continue down the slippery slope towards the end of the year, who isn’t vibing timeout from the daily grind? Preferably a destination with nice, balmy weather, because the SCI sub-zero body temperature struggle is REAL. Taking that next step and deciding where to go is supposed to be part of the fun, but for someone needing disability support, the polar opposite can apply.

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The reality for people with disabilities is that any sort of respite travel planning is often plagued with a fear of leaving home, familiar equipment, and invaluable support networks. But what if we told you two of the country’s trailblazers in the disability care space have joined forces to level up accessible travel? Well cue the party poppers because we’re tickled pink to announce that Amplify – Accessible Travel Specialists (us!) and Spinal Life Healthy Living Centre in Cairns are redefining inclusive travel! We’ve combined our expert knowledge and vast experience to develop an exciting travel package perfect for anyone with a physical disability.

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If you haven’t heard about Spinal Life Australia’s newly opened Spinal Life Healthy Living Centre, prepare for a mind = blown reaction. A bona fide game changer in the SCI community, it’s the ‘unicorn’ of holiday retreats, respite, and short-term accessible accommodation for this market. Purpose built for people living with an old or newly acquired spinal cord injury, it’s the first and only of its kind in Cairns, and one of only two in the country. Operated by highly trained, knowledgeable and super friendly staff (aka triple threats), its innovative and holistic blueprint fits perfectly with the Amplify ATS ethos.

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Located seaside on the esplanade with lush greenery and tropical feels for days (howz the serenity), it’s as good for your zen as it is your therapy and rehab. Offering a range of Allied Health services all in the one spot including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, a specialist gym, hydro pool and more, your continuity of care will not be compromised. There’s ample space to move around (no pokey rooms in sight), and all the comforts from back home. 

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You’ll also find an Assistive Technology room boasting cutting edge devices and technologies for guests to trial. Expert occupational therapists are on hand to offer guidance and support, refining your technique to yield the best results. But wait there’s more and no, we’re not throwing in a set of steak knives. The centre also offers a comprehensive Skills Area, which is a godsend for newly injured guests. It allows you to practice your mobility skills on various terrains including ramps, curves, stairs, grass, rubber and asphalt. So if this is your first rodeo as a SCI traveller, it’s the perfect introduction to staying away from home…and it just so happens to be in paradise. There’s no pressure or judgey side-eyes, but plenty of encouragement to help you build confidence and navigate wheelchair life like a boss. 

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The mint on the mojito is that depending on your NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) plan, you may be able to use the funds to cover the costs of staying at the Healthy Living Centre when packaged with other care and support services. That could mean more in the kitty to enjoy the eats, sips, entertainment and local attractions in this beautiful part of our own backyard. Best yet, Tropical North Queensland makes this even easier to discover with their recently launched Accessible Hub: 


Now we wouldn’t have partnered with this amazing centre without ‘sampling the goods’ ourselves, because that’s not how we ‘roll’ (*ba dum tss*). The lovely Brett from our team was lucky enough to visit Spinal Life Healthy Living Centre for a test-run. A Quadriplegic who understands a) the appeal of travelling sans the need to pack everything but the kitchen sink, and b) not having to sacrifice quality of care whilst away, he described it as “10 out of 10 for accessible accommodation in QLD”. “It ticks all the boxes with assistive technology, hi/lo bedding, roll in showers/ wet rooms, roof hoist, adjustable benches and friendly staff available when required. You will never want to leave!”  


So if a healthy dose of Northern Queensland sunshine – minus the usual vacay related challenges – floats your boat, our collaboration with Spinal Life Cairns will tick all the right boxes. Leave it to The Amplify ATS team to take care of the heavy lifting and do what we do best; organise a seamless end-to-end travel experience. From flights, accommodation, transfers, and activities, to arranging care support, equipment hire, and consumables, we’re all about minimising stress and maximising fun factor! All you have to do is pack your basics, set your email to ‘out of office’.…and go!

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To book or for more information, contact us via the website with your dates and state code “AMPLIFY CAIRNS”, phone 07 5609 7672, or email 

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