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If there’s anything you’d like to know more about please contact us, we love hearing from our customers.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about our services and fees.

The team at Amplify Travel are your specialised accessible travel – travel agents. Once we know all of your requirements, we research, book and manage your booking from planning stage, during your trip and through to your return home.

Email the team at with your booking requirements or complete the online form and our team will contact you to ensure we have all details required to provide you with a quote. Simple information we need to know are:

  • Dates of travel
  • Destination (please be specific here i.e. spell out the city and where in the city you prefer i.e. CBD, Beach, Mountains, Rural etc)
  • Accommodation preference i.e. Apartment, hotel, house, camping, how many rooms and if accessible Bathroom is required
  • Care requirements based on min 3hrs per day – be specific on what level of care you require
  • Equipment requirements (we may request additional details i.e. height, weight, sling types, bed rails or non etc)
  • Consumables required
  • Tours and attractions
  • Flights – we can assist with flights if you require but a surcharge will apply

We have a list of preferred suppliers around the country that we know can cater to varying levels of needs based on low, medium, and high. At the time of booking, we will establish the level of accommodation required and will contact our preferred providers to ensure they have availability and can cater to your booking. Please be aware that Amplify Travel on occasion will receive a commission from some providers. 

Leveraging off our contacts around Australia, we ensure we pair you with the most ideal care provider available in your area. At the time of booking, we will ensure we ask questions to ensure we accurately align you with the person most capable and qualified to support you. Once you have booked with us, we will connect you with the provider so if you need to change times, days, or requirements, you can manage this directly with them. Amplify Travel can assist if you prefer, however, a management fee will apply if we are communicating between you and the selected care provider.

We work with providers across the country to supply equipment in your destination, however from time to time, some specific equipment may not be available depending on the requirement. The most popular equipment includes shower commodes, high/low beds, walking frames, and slide boards for transfers, however we have also arranged electric chairs in specific locations. To view a full list of equipment available, please go to Services.

Please note that delivery and collection fees will apply for all bookings and a minimum length of booking may apply based on location. 

We have access to most tours and attractions across the country, however, must specify that not everything is accessible. At the time of booking or during your stay, please advise our team of what you wish to do, and we will confirm if you will have the access required to experience the booking. It’s important to note that some attractions and tours may require a medical clearance prior to starting. In most theme parks, you will need to meet with a medical officer to have a rundown of what is accessible and what isn’t based on your specific requirements. This is a complimentary inclusion available to you. If you wish to participate in helicopter rides or hot air balloon rides, we will need to know your weight and the weight of your equipment.

Some experiences may require a letter or certificate from your Doctor, but we will work with you to ensure you have this arranged prior to going on your trip.

Everyone loves to travel lightly, but when faced with a disability, you may need to take consumables with you, but don’t want to have to pack an extra suitcase and carry it all to your destination. We assist with most general consumables including gloves, wipes, catheters, lubricant, blueys etc. When booking, please be as specific as possible as to what you require and if you have preferred brands, and we will book on your behalf, and have it delivered to your accommodation venue. In general, we strive to ensure it arrives a few days prior to your arrival so you are confident knowing it’s there before you leave home.

Amplify Travel offers a travel concierge, meaning you are allocated one of our team members to support you during your trip if you require it. As all travel agents, we book everything on your behalf and trust that the providers you’ve been booked into will provide the service that they have promised. On most occasions, we give you the details of your providers and ask that you first try to deal with them if you are not 100% satisfied with what they are delivering. If they cannot offer a solution, the Amplify Travel Team are available with the travel concierge to step in and assist i.e. move accommodation providers, change care providers, change or exchange equipment provided and so on.

Please remember that the Travel Concierge is available based on a $50 per hour fee which will be added to your package.  

Yes, absolutely you can. Amplify Travel is a NDIS friendly provider so if you are self-managed or plan managed, you can book with Amplify Travel and we will let you know what will be covered and what the gap will be. At the time of booking, please advise us of your goals for your trip and we will follow up with you or your plan manager to confirm what’s covered and what’s not based on the items booked being deemed reasonable and necessary. 

The team at Amplify will review your travel assessment and will conduct extensive research specific to your needs to match you with your travel operators. We will engage with providers to ensure your respite or travel is as per your requirements. We develop agreements, maintain records and provide payments to providers on your behalf and will invoice accordingly for you or your funding body to make payment. As a business we make our money to operate from booking fees and commissions we earn from providers we work with. By engaging with us, you are not paying for the hours of our time, you’re paying for our experience, our years of study and our wealth of knowledge to do our job quickly and efficiently and on the most part for the discounted deals we can secure for you resulting in further savings which will help your budget or spending power whilst away. We love the saying “if we do a job in 30 minutes, its because we spent decades leaning how to do that in 30 minutes. You pay us for the years, and not the minutes.

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